How to clean & care for your shearling leather jacket

drawing of a leather jacket hanging on a

When it comes to caring for your sheepskin coats and jackets, we understand why you might feel a little hesitant! That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to keep your outerwear in year-round peak condition.

1. Care for your Shearling Jacket

Reviewing how your garment is stored can be the most simple and effective way to care for your shearling jacket.

Consider where your coats and jackets live when they’re not shielding you from the cold:

  • Is this area well ventilated?

  • Can your garment hang fully to avoid creases?

  • Have you given it a chance to air/dry out from its most recent exposure?

These are all processes that will benefit your leather jacket.

2. Protect your Shearling leather

When you purchase our garments, they have already been pre-treated to resist stains and marks before they arrive at your doorstep. However, it’s important that your coat continues to receive the care and maintenance that will keep it performing for longer.

You can repeat the procedure at home by applying a protection spray, designed to invisibly shield against liquids and stains. Please ensure that you follow the instructions carefully and that you are holding the product at the required distance from your garment. We recommend carrying out a patch-test on a discreet area before attempting to clean your sheepskin coats and jackets.

(We recommend “Cavalier Protect-All Rain/Stain Repellent” or “Angelus Boot Protector Spray”.)

3. Clean your Shearling Leather Jacket

All of our shearling outerwear garments are specialist dry-clean only, but if they become marked you can easily brush or sponge the mark away yourself. For a complete clean, however, we recommend you send it to a dry cleaner that specializes in working with shearling or sheepskin leather.

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