Is there a Difference between Shearling and Sheepskin?

model wearing shearling leather jacket

Many people wonder if there are any differences between sheepskin and shearling jackets, or if they are the same thing. Actually, there are! We usually use these terms to describe both a sheepskin or a shearling coat or jacket. A shearling jacket is made by tanning and conditioning the skin of a shearling lamb with the fur still intact, so it is considered a fur product because the fur is still attached to the hide of the animal.

Shearling is just the skin from a lamb, and sheepskin is the skin from a sheep. Wool is on one side of the hide, and leather hide is on the other. Usually, people show the leather side and keep wool on the inside to protect it from getting wet. Sheepskin jackets are less soft than shearling and have a coarser texture. Shearling coats, on the other hand, are not only exceedingly soft but also incredibly warm, making them a fantastic investment for those who live in freezing locations.

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